Adhesive for plaster and cement

Adhesive for plaster and cement. For use on dense surfaces with low or no suction, such as smooth concrete, cast-in-place concrete, rock-like substrates,… PRO-FIX retains its adhesiveness for 7 days after drying. It has a whitish, light blue color for easy identification of surfaces that have been treated.

* Please take note that the number given is the cost to treat 1 m² of surface. It is based on average values and could vary depending on the surface treated.

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Manual PRO-FIX

  1. Apply undiluted, preferably by spraying equipment under low pressure or by brush and roll.
  2. Avoid dust, moisture and direct sunlight during application and drying period..
  3. Before plaster can be applied, PRO-FIX must be sealed. A complete drying is necessary to attain this.
  4. PRO-FIX retains adhesiveness for 7 days.
  5. During this period it is possible to make adjustments, provided that no damaging or pollution of the product can be established.
  6. Any tools must be cleansed with water immediately after application. Any spillages can also be removed with water.

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